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Tue September 18th 2018
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Are You Eligible?

The internet and new technology have changed the dynamics of how Posts, for example, promote Legion activities.  As a result, C.A.L.P.A. membership has grown to include Legion, Auxiliary, Sons and Rider members who take an active interest and role in promoting their programs, along with newsletter editors, Copyrightrs, graphic artists, web designers, broadcasters and others.


Dues are just $10 per year.  You receive an Official Press Card recognizing you as an American Legion media representative.

As an official member of the press and carrying an authentic American Legion Press Card, you will have the advantage in gaining access to various political rallies, debates, lectures, council meetings, and any news worthy event that especially affects the lives of veterans, the military and their families. You as a journalist, reporter, photographer, and/or videographer need to represent the State of California and the American Legion as the voice of those who have served. We encourage you to get involved and join today. Also consider picking up a lanyard ($7.50) to display your press card and a CALPA pin ($7.50) to display on your cover or lapel. For a deal of a life time, buy both the lanyard and CALPA pin together for only $12.50)

C.A.L.P.A. Members Heading to Riverside
for the Department’s Convention

C.A.L.P.A. Members Submit Their Media Packages for the Annual Competition

We had several entries this year from C.A.L.P.A. members for 2017 press competition as the.  The judging this year will be overseen by Jim Higuera.  The competition is becoming much stronger as more entries throughout the state are participating and the quality of their media packages are becoming more sophisticated and professional.  The various categories to submit entries from included, Newsletters, Editorials, Press Releases, Websites, Social Media Pages, Photographs, Videos, and Graphic Art used as promotional pieces. The various categories are broken down by Districts, Posts, Units and Squadrons; thus allowing Legionnaires, Auxiliary, Sons and Riders to participate.

So the question is, “Did You Enter This Year? – If Not, Why Not?” Your experience, talent and suggestions are needed within the group, and what better way to share with the rest of the members of C.A.L.P.A. than to let them and the rest of the Legion Family see what you have to offer.  We would like to see as well as share a stronger representation of the talents within our state.  You know who you are and you know what your talents are, so if you are not currently a member of C.A.L.P.A., join today. If you are a member of C.A.L.P.A., watch for the competition next year (submission during the month of April) and submit your package for not only C.A.L.P.A., but also enter the N.A.L.P.A. competition as well and represent California at the National Convention.  .

View the 2016 C.A.L.P.A. winners (click here).

If you are not a current member of C.A.L.P.A.
– Join C.A.L.P.A. Today (click here)
If you are not a current member of N.A.L.P.A.
– Join N.A.L.P.A. Today (click here)

The winners of the C.A.L.P.A. competition will be announced and honored at a special luncheon at the Department Convention in Riverside – check back for details
The winners of the N.A.L.P.A. competition will be announced and honored at a special luncheon at the National Convention in August at Reno, NV – check back for details

C.A.L.P.A. – A Growing Force, Getting the Word Out About the American Legion

The California American Legion Press Association (C.A.L.P.A.) is the key communication resource for every Legion Post, District and Area statewide.  When we successfully get the word out through the effective use of media, a trickle-down effect results: membership increases, retention increases, fundraising goals are elevated and greater community recognition occurs.

C.A.L.P.A. is dedicated to bringing members who are media professionals together with individual Posts, Units, Squadron and Rider Chapters, and provide them with gratis as well as affordable communication solutions.

In this way, C.A.L.P.A. continues to serve as a driving force in helping propel all the Legion programs forward, branding the Legion with statewide recognition and influence on all levels.

The California American Legion Press Association is definitely ON THE MOVE and we want you to be part of us!  

Not a Member Yet – Why Not?